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Kiss Me With Lies by S.M. Soto

Kiss Me With Lies Book ReviewGripping, suspenseful page turner with one helluva cliffhanger, Kiss Me With Lies will leave you punching the pre-order button for the sequel, Bury Me With Lies. S.M. Soto leaves readers on the edge in this duet.

Yes, it’s a suspense. But there is a love story in here. A sexy, scintillating, pussy clenching love story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Bad boy billionaire Sebastian, or Baz for those he likes, comes across as cold and manipulative, but we get to see his POV and there’re a good guy in there. A good guy who’s also a master in the bedroom. And he falls for Mackenzie, a girl from his past he doesn’t recognize.

After her sister’s murder, her life falls apart to some degree. Nine years later, she’s determine to bring her sister’s killer to justice. As she searches for the truth, she falls for Baz (and who the F wouldn’t?). But, we don’t know everything about Baz and it’s conceivable he helped to murder her sister.

Spoiler Alert

At the end of Kiss Me With Lies, it’s not looking so good for Mackenzie and Baz, but I have confidence he’s going to read that stack of papers she left him and he’s going to see that she’s not the gold digger his friends painted her out to be. And, I don’t believe for a minute he killed her sister. But, it won’t shock me if it turns out he helped his spoiled rich friends get away with the murder.

I’ll admit that at times I had a strong urge to scream at Mackenzie. I mean, first, has the chick EVER watched Cold Case files? And, her sister’s murder is a cold case. Only a total dumbass would save evidence linking themselves to a murder.

So, when she’s hunting around their offices – offices that didn’t even exist when they were all in highschool and the murder occurred – I was like, do yourself a favor and at least do some research on how cold cases are solved. Because it’s not by going through someone’s desk ten years after the murder.

But then, hey, she actually finds the clues she needs in someone’s office. So, yes, some suspension of disbelief is required to complete this book.

All that said, murderers aren’t always the most intelligent. They very often do make stupid mistakes that land them in prison. And, these rich spoiled kids believe themselves to be untouchable. So, why would they bother to go burn those bloody clothes linking them to a murder? Better to leave them buried because who would ever find the post it note with the coordinates leading them to said evidence? I mean, after all, it’s in a safe of an office that didn’t exist at the time of the murder.

All of that aside, towards the end, I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. And somehow I KNOW there is more to Baz. He’s going to come through and have a mind boggling backstory. My prediction is Mackenzie and Baz are going to end up working together to bring down the monsters. And it’s going to be a hot, sexy, dangerous road to justice. And I for one can’t wait to read the sequel. My only complaint is that it’s not available RIGHT NOW to read.

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Book Recommendations

Perfect Strangers by J.T. Geissinger

Perfect Strangers Book ReviewUnexpected and anything but an ordinary romance, Perfect Strangers by J.T. Geissinger will leave you asking, “wait? what just happened?”

Seriously, this is one wild, mind-bending ride. Definitely not your typical romance, and I think whether or not it has an HEA is debatable. It did not leave me with the warm and fuzzies.

Perfect Strangers is reminiscent of The Dirty Ones by J.A. Huss in that at the end, you have to pause and think through what exactly happened and what’s real and what’s not. Only, J.A. Huss provides a solid HEA.

Perfect Strangers kind of does, if you stop and think it through. I don’t want to give too much away, because the power of the book is in being surprised by the end. I will say that for our heroine, Olivia, no matter how you choose to interpret the ending, I suppose she has her best ending possible.

In terms of sex, Geissinger delivers. I’d say that she’s a touch above the “average” amount of sex in an erotic romance, pushing Perfect Strangers into a level four on my happy vagina scale.

Overall, I do recommend this book. Maybe not when you are jonesing for happy, happy, but when you are up for something a little different with a splash of reality. Geissinger provides some great author quotes throughout her novel, and she’s clearly a Hemingway fan. I personally love the quote about any good author acknowledges that death is a part of life. That’s paraphrased, but it fits for this novel.

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The Obsession by Nikki Sloane

The Obsession Book ReviewThe Obsession Book Review

This gut-wrenching, page-turning sequel to the demented Filthy Rich Americans series by Nikki Sloane gripped me and had me twisting in anguish.

Rarely has an antagonist filled me with disgust and hate to the degree Macalister does.  Minotaur? Zeus?  Monster?  I go with monster.  Sick, twisted, depraved monster.

Marist plays the chess game on par with a naive, young guileless chess player joining the rank of seasoned experts.  Bountiful mistakes and missteps befall her, but through her struggles, she holds onto herself to some degree.  She recognizes the importance of not completely losing her soul.   Maybe she’s the young Medusa who hasn’t yet come into all of her powers?

The father son dynamic between Royce and Macalister roils the stomach.  The psychotic, unhealthy relationship borders disgusting.   But, I kept turning the pages because I had to see what happened.   Like a twisted reality TV show, I knew it was all kinds of wrong, but I couldn’t just turn it off.

About halfway through the book, I found myself thinking, “This is not a romance!”.  I mean, really, just what the fuck?   I read romance for joy and happiness, maybe to watch a character grow, but this??   Then I finally saw a more human side to Royce and I thought to myself, maybe.  Maybe there is a romance story here.  Maybe this is the ultimate fight against the all powerful ruthless heartless Gods.

And I guess we won’t know the answer to that – because The Obsession ends with a massive fucking cliffhanger.   I’d be lying if I said I’m okay with that.  I find massive cliffhangers to be painful – like physically PAINFUL.   If I realize in advance that it’s a trilogy with a series of cliffhangers, I wait until all three are released so I can, well, read all three.   That whole not knowing thing really doesn’t work for me.   THAT said (whine), I’ll be ordering the pre-order for The Deception because the DAY it comes out I’ll be reading it.

Nikki Sloane delivers in this series.  Yes, it’s twisted and demented.  But Sloane is a master storyteller and I can’t wait to see how this story ends.

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