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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Book ReviewTouching, emotional, heartfelt journey with all the feels. Don’t let the cartoon cover fool you – this is an erotic romance that won’t leave you disappointed.

Joss loses her family at a young age, and then her BFF one year later. The sudden loss of those that matter most leave her putting up walls. Samantha Young paints a realistic portrait of a young woman crippled by tremendous, sudden loss.

Braden, her Scottish hero, might be too perfect for words, but he’s exactly what Joss deserves and needs.

The secondary characters in this book are well developed and lead you into the next books in this series. I read through all of them quickly, and when I finished the series, I was sad. It had that feel of saying goodbye to friends you’ve grown to love.

There’s actually a novella that follows up with On Dublin Street. It shows Braden and Joss years later, and I love it. Joss is a writer, and in this novella, she dreams up what life would have been like had she never met Braden. It’s a little version of sliding doors, but it also shows these two eons later into their marriage. Once you read On Dublin Street, I definitely recommend this novella because it’s a phenomenal epilogue.

On Dublin Street had me crying at the end. Don’t worry, it does pack a happily ever after. But this is one of those books where the plot has surprises and watching the relive painful experiences and grow hits home in unexpected ways.

Another little thing about this series that I love is that it takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh happens to be one of those cities I’d move to in a flash if I could get my head around visas. Samantha Young brings her hometown to life in this series.


Book Review

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Things We Never Said by Samantha Young

Samantha Young, the writer of the On Dublin Street series, creates a world you’ll want to escape to, and possibly move to, in The Hart’s Boardwalk series.

Things We Never Said marks the third in the series, following One Real Thing (book 1) and Every Little Thing (book 2).  I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there’s definitely at least one more book, because all signs point to book 4 being about Emery and one of the town’s maybe bad guys.  Oh, and I will definitely be reading it.

In Things We Never Said, the characters’ back story carries you out of the seaside town quite a bit. Flashbacks throughout the book keep the reader turning the pages, trying to figure out what happened in the past.   This is a second chance your heart will pull for, all while enjoying time away in a New England seaside resort small town complete with pizzeria, bar and hotel.