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His Royal Highness by R.S. Grey

His Royal Highness Book ReviewR.S. Grey delivers another heartwarming, feel good romance with His Royal Highness. And, yet again, she pulls out a book cover that perfectly illustrates the hero and heroine.

In this reimagination of a theme park remarkably similar to the one where a mouse reins supreme, Derek’s grandfather plays the role of park architect and CEO. After buying up tons of land in Georgia on the cheap, he builds a masterpiece with a castle and princesses. Cast members strive to keep the magic alive at all cost.

I just came back from Disney, the similar theme park in Florida, and I have to say, everywhere I went I kept thinking back to passages in this book. Yes, it’s a bit laughable to think that, even in a small park, there’s only one cast member per princess.  But, aside from a few creative licenses, R.S. Grey knows her park stuff.

Whitney falls for Derek when she’s nineteen and he’s twenty nine. He’s her mentor. Understandably, he doesn’t see her in a romantic way and sort of does her a solid by ignoring an out of line email that would get her fired in a flash at most companies. She grows up in fairy land and never quite sees the whole situation through clear eyes. And yes, there are times I’d like to be her friend and talk some sense into her.

But, when these two fall in love, it’s sweet and sexy in a way that R.S. Grey has mastered. When we get to the epilogue, it’s like my mind has a movie screen playing and I can see it all in my head. And it’s so good and so sweet I just keep replaying it. It’s the sort of sparkly magic Cinderella’s Castle delivers year round.

If you love theme parks, and especially if you love Disney, this one’s a must read.

The Upshot

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With This Heart by RS Grey

Young love between two old souls, this story brings tears to the eyes and stays with you.

I did have to research to find out if it’s YA.  It says it’s for ages 17 and above, and there are some hot sex scenes – so I guess that means it’s officially not YA.  But, so much about this feels like YA.

These two are young, college age kids.   She’s an old soul because she’s been through more than most adults twice her age, spending her childhood preparing for death until at age 19 her beeper goes off and she receives her transplant.   He’s an old soul because even though he’s a college kid, he has the wisdom to glance across the street and appreciate her zest for life and he actually does something about it.

This is a coming of age book with a heartwarming romance.  It’s the kind of book that makes you appreciate life….. not just love, LIFE.