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His Royal Highness by R.S. Grey

His Royal Highness Book ReviewR.S. Grey delivers another heartwarming, feel good romance with His Royal Highness. And, yet again, she pulls out a book cover that perfectly illustrates the hero and heroine.

In this reimagination of a theme park remarkably similar to the one where a mouse reins supreme, Derek’s grandfather plays the role of park architect and CEO. After buying up tons of land in Georgia on the cheap, he builds a masterpiece with a castle and princesses. Cast members strive to keep the magic alive at all cost.

I just came back from Disney, the similar theme park in Florida, and I have to say, everywhere I went I kept thinking back to passages in this book. Yes, it’s a bit laughable to think that, even in a small park, there’s only one cast member per princess.  But, aside from a few creative licenses, R.S. Grey knows her park stuff.

Whitney falls for Derek when she’s nineteen and he’s twenty nine. He’s her mentor. Understandably, he doesn’t see her in a romantic way and sort of does her a solid by ignoring an out of line email that would get her fired in a flash at most companies. She grows up in fairy land and never quite sees the whole situation through clear eyes. And yes, there are times I’d like to be her friend and talk some sense into her.

But, when these two fall in love, it’s sweet and sexy in a way that R.S. Grey has mastered. When we get to the epilogue, it’s like my mind has a movie screen playing and I can see it all in my head. And it’s so good and so sweet I just keep replaying it. It’s the sort of sparkly magic Cinderella’s Castle delivers year round.

If you love theme parks, and especially if you love Disney, this one’s a must read.

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Book Recommendations

Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

Twice In a Blue Moon Book ReviewA second-chance romance and heart-warming rom-com, this one from Christina Lauren might push YA boundaries but it’s close.

Sam and Tate first meet on a trip with their grandparents to London. He’s twenty-one and she’s eighteen. His grandfather has a great sense of humor and warm wit. Her grandmother is protective and worried about every dollar she spends.

Tate tells him her deepest, most private secret because she feels she can tell this stranger anything. She falls for him during their light night meet-ups in the hotel garden and one afternoon away from their guardians she gives him her virginity.

The beginning of the story is completely YA. Then he does a seemingly horrible thing and Tate’s life changes forever.

Fourteen years later the two meet again. My wish upon a blue moon would be that Tate would be a stronger character, not quite so slow on the uptake and more the hollywood savvy self she realistically would have had to become in order to survive in Hollywood for fourteen years.

My second wish upon a blue moon would be that Sam would have manned up and run to Tate when she’s seemingly sold out once again by someone. Agreeing to go into hiding and not being there for Tate didn’t warrant her hunting him out and wrapping her arms around him for the expedient HEA.

So, yes, I have a wish for each blue moon. All that said, it’s still an entertaining book. I have a friend who truly enjoyed it. And I love the title and the book cover design. And if you are curious about life behind the scenes on a movie set, then this book will be doubly entertaining.

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Book Recommendations Fave Authors

Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

Perfectly Adequate Book Review

Perfectly Adequate scores another home run for Jewel E. Ann. The story drives home the point that not all love has storybook perfection, but sometimes less than perfect is just as important and valid.

Dorothy, our heroine, is an Aspie, someone diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. She approaches situations and life differently than the average person. Not wrong, different. She falls on the rarer side of the human spectrum.

Certain aspects of her personality wouldn’t fulfill all of say, my needs, but somehow she’s exactly what Eli needs. Eli is a single Dad, dumped by his ex-wife, his first and only love. The whole story serves as a great reminder that we’re all different for a reason, and even the most unique of us can find someone out there that’s a perfect fit.

Perfectly Adequate serves as a love letter to those on the far end of the human spectrum. Those perceived as different or too unusual or weird. Different does not equal wrong. Bi-polar, depression, ADHD, autism, aspie – it’s all human.

There are a boatload of occurrences that feel Hollywood-contrived to keep the love story on course, such as perfectly timed stomach viruses and reunions in on-call rooms. Of course, the flip side is if a freak running accident didn’t occur, Dorothy and Eli’s story might have fallen together without the need for cosmic interventions. All told, Perfectly Adequate delivers plot twists that keep you turning the pages of this heartwarming rom-com. 

The ending gave me pause. I have many divorced friends, and I can’t imagine any of them saying “oh yeah, I’m moving across the street from my ex and his girlfriend.” Or the flip side, a girlfriend saying, “oh yes, I’m thrilled your ex is moving across the street.” But, in a way, the ending wraps up hammering into our head the point that Dorothy sees only what the rest of us should see. And a person as wonderful as Dorothy can bring the best traits out in others.

Dorothy focuses on what’s best for the kid. She is full of light and love, and in so many ways, the best of humanity. 

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Book Recommendations

The Prenup by Lauren Layne

The Prenup Book ReviewThe Prenup Book Review

Cute, loveable, page-turning fun.  The Prenup by Lauren Layne is a film screen worthy romantic comedy.   Seriously, I could easily see this as a romantic comedy with one of the hot thirty something Irish actors.

Colin and Charlotte marry for convenience – he needs a green card, she needs her inheritance.   For the next ten years, he lives in NY and she lives in San Fran.  Then he asks for a divorce and they discover a clause her brother put in the prenup that requires they live under the same roof for three months.

Before they ever even kiss they’re in love.   Yep, these two thirty something professionals fall in love without ever kissing.   It’s like Charlotte never ever watched Sex and the City and didn’t learn anything at all from her namesake.

On the bright side, for anyone wanting a “clean” romance, this is it!  No sex.  Nada.  My 12 year old could read this.  Not that she’s into thirty somethings falling in love.  If she gets a chance to read something off the required reading book list, it’s gonna be a junior high or high school romance.  But, the point is, she COULD read this.   Which also means if you’re looking for a romance to read while on a flight sitting beside your kid, this is a great one to pick.  No need to snap “don’t read over my shoulder.”

I really did love this book.  I really did.  But I would have loved to see a little of what was going on from Colin’s side.  I mean, he’s engaged to a woman he’s dated for 18 months.  Really longer, because I think his thirty something fiance laid out the marriage ultimatum after 18 months together.  Then he had to get off his duff and research how to end his fake marriage.  And, I’m gonna guess the L word was exchanged.  She doesn’t seem to be the nicest, but you know, the man she wants to have children with has a hottie living with him in order to end the marriage he claims was fake, so you kind of have to cut her some slack.   That clock ticking thing is real, people.

So, how far into the two months of living with Charlotte and falling in love with her was he still having sex with his fiance?   This point kind of bugs me.  He’s fighting for his relationship with Rebecca well into the two months of living with Charlotte.  Won’t even so much as kiss Charlotte.   There’s no way to be sure about the sex, but it does seem he ends his engagement a few weeks (at most) before proposing (for realz) to a woman he’s never even kissed.   That’s one little thing that makes me scratch my head.   But, you don’t have to think too much about that.  The whole engagement to another woman is kind of more undercurrent to the story.

I’m sure if they make this into a movie, the screenwriters will make Rebecca horrid and who knows, maybe she convinced Colin to agree to marry her for some reason other than love.  I’d say to advance his career in the law firm, but he owns the law firm.  No worries though.  Hollywood will sell it.


Book Recommendations Fave Authors Series

Wrong by Jana Aston

Wrong series Book ReviewWrong Series Book Review and Recommendation

Jana Aston hit it out of the ballpark with this one, her first book by the way.  Who does that?  Her first book!   I love this whole series, but Wrong.  I’ve read it several times – and that’s just got to be Wrong.

Luke and Sophie have a 16 year age difference.   He’s a gynecologist.  He’s gorgeous.  When they meet, she’s an undergrad serving him coffee.  At the Grind Me coffee shop no less.   The chemistry ricochets.  Then, when she goes to the student health clinic, he’s her gyno.

It may sound cliche or silly or whatever.  But I can promise you if you read this, you’ll LOVE it.  It’s funny.  It’s sexy.  Like really sexy sex scenes.  And the characters are well-developed.   When I read Plan B and Luke makes an appearance, I squealed.  And I read Wrong months ago.   I even love her epilogue – because it’s just so true to the character and the book and it makes me happy.

Right Book ReviewRight, the second book in the Wrong series, shares the story of Sophie’s barista friend Everly.  Everly, by the way, keeps you laughing in Wrong.  She’s borderline hysterical.  Not like as in insane, but as in laugh out loud funny.

Everly has crushed on Finn, her older brother’s friend, since she was six years old.   She’s been bound and determined he’s her one.  So determined than when he becomes a professor at Penn, that’s the only college she applies to.   She hounds him so diligently it’s pretty clear the only reason he doesn’t call the cops is she’s a family friend.

Then she meets Finn’s older brother, Sawyer.   And, for the record, I find Sawyer to be so much more than Finn.   I can’t say more without giving away some plot twists in this book, but holy smokes.   Sawyer’s hot.  I’d choose Luke over Sawyer as my book boyfriend, but only because of Luke’s fingers.

This book is another one that’s worthy of reading twice.  Funny and yummy and makes you happy.

Fling Book ReviewFling, a short novella, shares the story of Gabe, Sawyer’s business partner, and Sandra.   Sandra is Sawyer’s assistant who befriends Everly.   Sandra is much more like Sophie, but the three ladies become close friends.

Fling includes many nods to Sixteen Candles, with men leaning on car doors ala Jake Ryan.  So right there, it’s got a lot going for it.

It’s a funny, quick and satisfying read.   The only downside is it’s so short.  You’ll wish you had more to read of their story.




Trust Book ReviewTrust, the last book in the Wrong series, features Boyd, Sophie’s long lost brother from the first book, Wrong.   Chloe is Everly’s roommate.

In earlier books, there are references to Chloe’s thing for law enforcement and crime shows.  And, Boyd’s an FBI agent.  So, Everly’s not the only one to have a feeling Boyd and Chloe should meet.

The thing is, Chloe has serious anxiety issues.  The kind that at times pull your heart strings.  Here’s where you fall in love with Boyd.  He sees her for the amazing woman she is, overlooking horrid jokes that would make most normal folks stop the conversation and go the opposite direction.    Boyd plays along, developing a relationship with Chloe without her even realizing what he’s doing.

Boyd sees the beauty within Chloe.  In a way he rescues her and it’s swoon worthy.  You still get all the Jana Aston laughs, but there’s a more serious topic at hand too.


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Book Recommendations

The Newlyfeds by Logan Chance

The NewlyFEDS Book ReviewI’ve never read a Logan Chance book before. On the day this came across my email I was hungover and just wanted a fun read.   The NewlyFEDS totally delivered.   Romantic comedy wrapped in sexy.

The NewlyFEDS at first glance made me think it should be a movie starring Sandra Bullock.  Or maybe it’s a trope similar to a movie that did star Sandra Bullock.   Whatever.  Even if it’s been done before, this version rocks fun and sexy.

It’s not romantic suspense.  You don’t have to read about blood and gore.  It’s romantic comedy.  It’ll keep you smiling and turning the pages.   Vin and Addison have great chemistry.   And, Vin’s really kind of an ideal book boyfriend.

It’s a quick read.  Great to take your mind off of what you did last night.   Definitely recommend.



Book Recommendations

Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley

So much fun.   Yeah, you do kind of have an idea of exactly what’s gonna happen in this boss/assistant fake marriage trope – but it’s so much fun to read.   Watching Everly, a magnanimous extrovert, and Shepherd, a closeted emotional introvert, fall in love keeps you turning the pages.

She has a married lesbian sister, he has a married gay brother, and even that little subplot unfolds perfectly and has lights up this pair as perfect for each other.   Everly’s friends are also fun and the banter reminds me of books from authors Jana Aston or Christina Lauren.

Everly kind of rocks the good girl vibe, and Shepherd doesn’t expect her sexual tigress, and truly, neither does the reader.   But hot damn!  The two of them school car sex.  And office sex.  And sofa sex.

Kingsley offers a second chapter HEA in exchange for an email address when you finish the book.  Totally worth it.  Besides, you’ll want Kingsley’s new release info.