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Reindeer Falls Book Review

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The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

Reindeer Falls Book ReviewOh my word, I do love a good Jana Aston love story! The Boss Who Stole Christmas introduces Reindeer Falls, a quaint, iconic tourist town, modeled after a German Christmas village.

Holly and Nick work for a toy manufacturer, or rather, Holly works for Nick. He’s recently taken over Reindeer Toy Company from his Uncle.

Holly kicks ass as a product manager and marketer and while her Teddy Bear cafe ideas are a direct rip-off of American Girl, all is fair in business.

The chemistry between Holly and Nick is deelish and the whole story is full of ‘All I want For Christmas’ swoon-worthy moments.  I read this novella in around one hour over coffee. So, that’s the only sad thing about this story. It’s over in a flash.

Good news is that Holly Mistletoe Winters has two sisters, Ginger and Noel, and they have novellas on the way to be delivered before December 25th.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these names? It’s like a dip into nineteenth century naming techniques. In the same way Heathcliff set my fantasies into a frenzy by name alone, look at this cast: Holly, Nick, Ginger, Noel.   Nick’s last name is Saint-Croix. Come on! These names alone promise joy, good will towards men and a frollicking good time.

Jana Aston nails the rom com genre. She has me laughing while simultaneously flying through the pages to watch the romance unfold. I can’t wait for the next two in the Reindeer Falls series. And, I think I’m gonna have to stop by the Grind Me Cafe to figure out if Reindeer Falls exists. Even if it’s modeled after one street somewhere in Colorado, I want to visit. And, obviously, apply for a job at the Reindeer Toy Company while there.

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