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American Queen by Sierra Simone

American Queen Book ReviewA brilliant, poetic, modern re-telling of King Arthur’s story with a whole lot of kink thrown in.

I’m behind the curve on this 2016 release. I got it on a BookBub deal, and when I finished American Queen, I was blown away. It’s a damn good book. And it’s a freaking cliffhanger which I did not pick up on. I had to go and immediately buy American Prince and American King. And, because I’m a whack job, I flipped to the back of the third installation, American King, to double-check for an HEA before reading page one of American Prince.

Maybe that wasn’t the right approach, but it’s a King Arthur re-telling so a completely warranted double-check. Besides, I learned my lesson with The Nightingale. Had I pre-checked that ending I could have saved myself hundreds of pages traversing mountains and concentration camps. I digress.

American Queen opens with a bride walking down the aisle with bite marks from the best man on her thighs. An awestruck groom awaits her with her panties in his pocket and his bite marks on his best man’s neck. Let all that sink in. And immediately, the question becomes, how did they get there?

Ash, Greer and Embre form the deepest love triangle I have ever read. A heartfelt triangle I cheered for. I love how Simone shares their love story by piecing together their history with first person points of view. I’ll admit that by the third book, I was a bit like – okay, I know what happens here. But, all in all, she leverages first person perspective in a brilliant and effective manner so the reader understands each and every twist and turn that delivers these three individuals to all of their fateful days. Plural because clearly three books mean that one wedding can’t be the only fateful day.

Did I mention kink yet? Because holy mother of all things holy, this series packs it in. Sierra Simone might have earned her place as my all-time favorite writer of sexy scenes that will cream anyone’s panties. Clearly, this is a MMF romance, but she’s packing even more with doms and subs and delightful torture. If you love sexy scenes, then this one’s a strong recommend.

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The Perfect Formation by KB Alan

Perfect Formation Book ReviewPerfect Formation Book Review and Recommendation

Taryn, Richard and Caleb sizzle in this book that takes the traditional relationship and flips it off the mountain.   I first downloaded this book on a BookBub deal whim.   MMF can be sexy.  I was expecting a tale of sex with a little plot on the edges.

The relationship has depth.  The characters are realistic.   We meet the characters families for goodness sake.  Like, this isn’t just a drunken night or a sex club kind of fantasy exploration.   Or, as some books do, a sexual relationship only.   Nope, these guys fall in love.

It’s the good kind of MMF, meaning the men are bisexual.   It’s always a little off to me when the men don’t touch each other at all.   The chemistry between Richard and Caleb works even without Taryn in the room.

Perfect Formation is a part of a series, but each book is a true stand alone.   KB Alan rocks the sex scenes.   And reminds us that Love Is Love Is Love stands for all kinds of relationships.


Book Recommendations Fave Authors

The Dirty Ones by JA Huss

The Dirty Ones Book ReviewThis book led me to JA Huss.  It’s about a romance writer and her friends.

First off, JA Huss is a fucking rock star in the romance category.   I thought about doing a Fave Author page, but she’s written so prolifically and so much of it is so damn good, I’ll have to do several posts. Her books are worth it.

So, The Dirty Ones.  Unique plot.  Twisted.  At the end, you may have to sit back and think through it all and say “What the fuck happened?”.   But, you’ll figure it out.

It’s a romance.  But nothing at all typical or ordinary.  It’s a mystery.  Friends from college get drawn back together again.  Crazy shit happened in college and someone wrote about it and it hit the NY Times Bestseller list!   And they have to figure out which one did it.   And then there’s a lot of other shit to figure out.   Can I just add the word – ORGY!   The books way more than just sex, but true to JA Huss style – this sex is HOT.


In To Her

In To Her Book ReviewHoly smokes!  The cover pulled me in.  Then, that first chapter.  DAMN!

Love In To Her.  Yes, it’s MMF.  And it’s hot as FUCK.   Flip page corners to re-read again kind of hot.

It’s also deep.  There’s a lot going on in this story.  I love these characters.   The plot twists grab you.  It’s dark, but not as dark as some of her books.

On bad days, I still think of this ending.   Because it’s just kind of perfect.  Perfect for these characters and this book.

She’s a strong woman and they walk into her bar on a very bad day.   And I can’t really say more without spoiling shit, and you don’t want a spoiler.  So just read it.


Three Two One

Three Two One Book ReviewHere’s a fave quote from Three Two One‘s Blue:  These guys… they are pulling me towards them somehow. JD and his charm. Ark and his distance. And despite the fact that they take advantage of girls for a living, they feel very… vulnerable. It feels precarious. Like the whole thing might come crashing down at any moment. Like they are held together by some invisible thread. 

It’s a bit of a dark, twisty ride, but you get pulled in as the story unravels.  Surprises hit you along the way.   The story has the potential to make you think, maybe re-think stereotypes.  Realize everyone has backstory.

The sex.  Man oh man.   So hot.

Two self-made wealthy men with a small-time porn business find and rescue a young woman. Everything is not exactly as it seems.

The plot, the writing, the characters, it all works.  Highly recommend this book.