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Method by Kate Stewart

OK.  First, can we take a moment to appreciate this book cover?  If it came in poster form I’d be willing to hang it on my wall.

Kate Stewart uses flashbacks to tell us the story of how Lucas and Mila fell in love, while we read through chapters getting closer and closer to the present day.   This romance shows marriage isn’t always easy and it’s a choice we make everyday.

Lucas uses the method approach to acting and completely alters himself in the pursuit of his art.  Grief overwhelms him after his best friend commits suicide.   Mila tries to hang on.

Method submerges the reader into the world of acting and Hollywood while unfolding a love story that will stay with you.

Side note – Two characters, Stella and Reid, from Drive, another book I posted about, make an appearance here.  This isn’t a series at all, but it’s rather cool how Lucas in Method happens to have played the lead in the film Drive, based on the book Stella wrote about her experience with her rock star husband.



Book Recommendations

Drive by Kate Stewart

This book blew me away when I read it in 2018.  Almost a year later, it’s still with me, the story lurking in the back of my mind and coming front and center when a certain song plays on the radio or I stare at the steering wheel in my hand while lost in my mind.

The story starts off with Stella learning about an ex getting married.  She’s supposed to fly home, to her husband, but she decides to drive.   And as songs play on the radio, she thinks back over her past decisions that involve two men.   I became absorbed trying to figure out what happened, what she ultimately decided, which man married someone else and which man was she driving home to?

The story reminded me of a book I read ages ago, “Love is a Mix Tape”, by Rob Sheffield.   That one hit home because, and I guess I’m giving my age away here, but my mixed cassette tapes never failed to bring me back to that moment in time when I loved a song so much I’d wait for it on the radio to copy it.   Cassette tapes journaled my formative years.

I suspect Kate Stewart had a similar thought process in mind when she wrote Drive, and the play list she provides at the end of the book is pretty awesome.  If I still made cassette tapes, I’d totally rip it off.

I strongly recommend this book.   It’s reflective.  Reminds us that life delivers many choices and different paths leading to alternate journeys.   In the end, we make our decisions for specific reasons.  It doesn’t mean lost loves aren’t still in our heart.  Getting hit by a memory doesn’t mean we didn’t choose our best path forward.