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The One Night Stand Before Christmas by Jana Aston

The One Night Stand Before ChristmasThe Reindeer Falls series is like a bowl full of red and green gumdrops. For a quick moment, your mouth is filled with sugary sweetness, then it’s all gone. But, look! More are in the bowl.

Reindeer Falls, a quaint, iconic tourist town, modeled after a German Christmas village, provides the snowy backdrop for insta-love and Christmas magic.

Of the three Reindeer Falls Christmas books from Jana Aston, The One Night Stand Before Christmas ranks as my second favorite. Noel’s one night stand with a guy, who isn’t who she thought he was, is make-you-smile romantic comedy.

My biggest issue with it is it’s over so dang quickly, just like a single gumdrop. Teddy/Theo, a city guy with a long history of milking the cow for free, gets wrangled into a Santa suit by someone his GRANDMOTHER recommends. And that’s all she wrote?

We don’t ever get to see his perspective, but I wish we had. He even handles her impatience for him to put a ring on it with ease. I guess his grandmother does know him best. He really did agree with her that he needed a wife.

But see, here’s the thing. I’m being a Grinch. Reindeer Falls isn’t about picking it apart and saying “this is real”, “this would never happen,” or “yeah, right.” Reindeer Falls is about believing in Christmas magic. The Hallmark channel kind where love conquers even the most hardened Grinch heart and makes it explode to ten times its normal size.

The Reindeer Falls Christmas Series

The series includes three books: The Boss Who Stole Christmas, If You Give a Jerk Gingerbread, and The One Night Stand Before Christmas.  Jana Aston rolled them out one right after the other, so you can read them all. These are novellas. (The Boss, the first one, ranks as my favorite).

I read each one over coffee (admittedly, I drink A LOT of coffee each morning), but they are super quick, fun, happy, sugary, no calorie treats. Jana Aston romantic comedy under a perfectly adorned, Christmas lit tree – what could be better?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a sexy, happy romance!

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Book Recommendations

The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

Reindeer Falls Book ReviewOh my word, I do love a good Jana Aston love story! The Boss Who Stole Christmas introduces Reindeer Falls, a quaint, iconic tourist town, modeled after a German Christmas village.

Holly and Nick work for a toy manufacturer, or rather, Holly works for Nick. He’s recently taken over Reindeer Toy Company from his Uncle.

Holly kicks ass as a product manager and marketer and while her Teddy Bear cafe ideas are a direct rip-off of American Girl, all is fair in business.

The chemistry between Holly and Nick is deelish and the whole story is full of ‘All I want For Christmas’ swoon-worthy moments.  I read this novella in around one hour over coffee. So, that’s the only sad thing about this story. It’s over in a flash.

Good news is that Holly Mistletoe Winters has two sisters, Ginger and Noel, and they have novellas on the way to be delivered before December 25th.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these names? It’s like a dip into nineteenth century naming techniques. In the same way Heathcliff set my fantasies into a frenzy by name alone, look at this cast: Holly, Nick, Ginger, Noel.   Nick’s last name is Saint-Croix. Come on! These names alone promise joy, good will towards men and a frollicking good time.

Jana Aston nails the rom com genre. She has me laughing while simultaneously flying through the pages to watch the romance unfold. I can’t wait for the next two in the Reindeer Falls series. And, I think I’m gonna have to stop by the Grind Me Cafe to figure out if Reindeer Falls exists. Even if it’s modeled after one street somewhere in Colorado, I want to visit. And, obviously, apply for a job at the Reindeer Toy Company while there.

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