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Accidental Rebel by Nicole Snow

Accidental Rebel Book ReviewAccidental Rebel packs intrigue and action into a heart-warming love story. This is my first book from Nicole Snow and I will be reading more.

When Miller Rush and Gwendolyn meet, the attraction is instantaneous. Only, he’s on the run for his life. She doesn’t know his whole story, but she knows somethings not on the up and up. She falls for his two kids first and decides he must not be all bad. Her mother pushes the two together with a sly yet less than subtle hand.

The whole situation provides a great set-up and there are definitely on-the-edge of-your-seat moments and places you won’t be willing to put your book down. On the whole, it never gets too dark, too gory or too scary. I’d classify it as a light romantic suspense, although I notice because of Miller’s military background, and the inclusion of other military characters in the story, it’s categorized as a military romance.

Miller describes Gwen’s Mom as being “around fifty.” Now, I’m pushing fifty (not there yet, thank you) and I have to say, if my daughter came to me with two pre-loaded TEN year old grandchildren, there’d be a part of me that was like “Now wait a minute. I am not old enough to be the grandma of a TEN year old.” And May, her Mom, kind of sounds like my kind of woman.

In my mind, I like to think of May as being in her early to mid sixties. Just my personal preference. Maybe that’s because my daughter is TEN. But, to Snow’s credit, she never says May’s age. And it’s also possible she is the age I want her to be, and she just looks so damn good Miller underestimated her age. We’ll go with that.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

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Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Book ReviewFriends to lovers, best friends little sister romance that warms both your heart and girlie parts.

The illustrated cover threw me at first. I was halfway expecting another “clean” romance, a category some love for reasons that escape me. But, a good friend told me that Tessa Bailey does the sexy scenes better than any other, so I had to give it a try.  My conclusion? Indeed, she does them well.

In Fix It Up, Georgie is the youngest of three. She’s been the annoying kid sister, the forgotten child, the one who grew up having to act out and resorted to comedy to get any attention. Travis spent loads of time in Georgie’s home with his best friend, her big brother. He goes on to baseball stardom in the majors, but then an injury ends his career prematurely. He returns home depressed and lost. Enter Georgie, the girl who has harbored a secret crush almost her whole, to kick his ass back into the land of the living.

It’s not really clear why Georgie didn’t break out of her clown shell in college. It seems a vibrant, attractive girl would thrive in a college setting and that she’d definitely find some girlfriends to make her lose the salvation army store baggie clothes she’s worn her whole life. But, for some reason, she returns to her hometown of Port Jefferson after college, a stone’s throw away from Manhattan, the exact same insecure kid playing clown to garner attention.

The whole story shows how having someone in your corner can make all the difference. Georgie finds her way out of the thrift store clothes and into form fitting, flattering clothes. She gets serious about her party entertainment business. And Travis finds a new way to make a life in baseball.

It’s a small town HEA that feels more fitting in middle America than in the suburbs of Manhattan, but with a little reality suspension, you can accept the small town vision even though it’s on massively overpopulated Long Island, New York. And, I suppose, there are townships on Long Island that folks always seem to return to, after time away. If I had grown up in this idyllic town, I’d probably want to come back home too.

And Georgie and Travis’s sweet love story is one I’ll remember for a long time to come.

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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Book ReviewTouching, emotional, heartfelt journey with all the feels. Don’t let the cartoon cover fool you – this is an erotic romance that won’t leave you disappointed.

Joss loses her family at a young age, and then her BFF one year later. The sudden loss of those that matter most leave her putting up walls. Samantha Young paints a realistic portrait of a young woman crippled by tremendous, sudden loss.

Braden, her Scottish hero, might be too perfect for words, but he’s exactly what Joss deserves and needs.

The secondary characters in this book are well developed and lead you into the next books in this series. I read through all of them quickly, and when I finished the series, I was sad. It had that feel of saying goodbye to friends you’ve grown to love.

There’s actually a novella that follows up with On Dublin Street. It shows Braden and Joss years later, and I love it. Joss is a writer, and in this novella, she dreams up what life would have been like had she never met Braden. It’s a little version of sliding doors, but it also shows these two eons later into their marriage. Once you read On Dublin Street, I definitely recommend this novella because it’s a phenomenal epilogue.

On Dublin Street had me crying at the end. Don’t worry, it does pack a happily ever after. But this is one of those books where the plot has surprises and watching the relive painful experiences and grow hits home in unexpected ways.

Another little thing about this series that I love is that it takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh happens to be one of those cities I’d move to in a flash if I could get my head around visas. Samantha Young brings her hometown to life in this series.


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Underneath It All by Kate Canterbary

Book ReviewUnderneath It All by Kate Canterbary

A good friend told me the Walsh family series by Kate Canterbary is “really good”.   Talk about an understatement!

Matt and Lauren, the hero and heroine in Underneath It All, the first book of the series, sizzle right from the get go.  Canterbary has some of the most well-developed characters I’ve come across.  I now know Matt and Lauren better than I know some members of my family.

Speaking of family, the Walsh siblings illuminate Boston with their distinctive personalities and rip each other apart tight knit family style.  It’s easy to see how this is a series.  My friend just finished book 7 and I’m itching to start book 2.

He loves numbers and logic.  She’s the daughter of a Navy Seal and approaches her ambition of starting a new school with the discipline of a military strategist on a mission.  He’s a great guy with a mean alcoholic Dad but a strong set of siblings backing him up.  She’s on a mission, but beneath her layers she has a soft, insecure side.

Instant attraction sparks when the two first meet as architect and client.  Sex plays an enormous role in how they communicate with each other and neither have a wealth of relationship experience to pull from.  Both are workaholics attempting the elusive work life balance.  Eventually, sex doesn’t solve all communication needs and they have to find a way to talk honestly and expose what’s underneath.

This book might have my favorite epilogue – ever.  This book has it all.   Hot and sexy, strong characters, and an unforgettable love story.

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Book Recommendations Series

beneath this INK by Meghan March

beneath this INK book reviewBeneath this Ink Book Review and Recommendation

beneath this INK delivers a page turning romance starring a tattooed muscle man named Con. He’s a former foster kid with a murder to solve.   The romance between Con (Constantine, but come on now, how hot is that nickname?) and Vanessa hooks the reader.  Anger-inducing antagonists woven into this who done it plot are the cherry on top.

Vanessa, the gorgeous lady Con’s been lusting after since high school, struggles with food issues.  And I kind of love that about her.  For one, it makes her real and two, it’s a topic romance books filled with hot bodies don’t really broach enough (IMO).    She has some pretty serious hang-ups that never morphed into either anorexia or bulimia (that we know of).  But, she does mention years of therapy, so maybe that’s just a part of her past we don’t learn about in detail.

One of the antagonists, who comes across like a grade A asshole, has his own book in this series, Beneath These Scars.   All the books in the Beneath series are standalone. But I’m gonna have to read Beneath These Scars because we never find out what the fuck Titan’s deal is in INK.   And he’s sexy and tattooed too, so that doesn’t exactly hurt the appeal.

Meghan March delivers a fun sexy twisty romantic ride set in New Orleans with INK.  The New York Times called this series “deliciously addictive” and “binge worthy.”  I can see why.   Tattooed, muscle bound, sexy alphas – sign me up!

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Book Recommendations Series

Sinner by Sierra Simone

Sinner by Sierra Simone Book Review and Recommendation

Sinner Book ReviewIn Sierra Simone‘s own words, Sinner is a book about “God, sex, death, belief and unbelief.”  A good friend recommended this book, and I’m so glad she did.   Sinner sends your mind on twisted rides and mental digressions.

Sierra Simone paints a portrait of theodicy with skill and ease.   In Sinner, Sierra Simone makes the reader think.  My mind spun off on a dozen tangents while reading this book.  And I’m an atheist.  The book may be even more profound for a believer.  Well-crafted.  Well done.  Sean and Zenny’s love story is a love story that is so much more.

When Sean’s mother succumbs to cancer, my eyes filled with tears.  Tears because the moment is so well told it seemed I was back in the hospice room with my father.

Belief and Unbelief

As an Atheist, I would argue Sinner isn’t so much about unbelief.   Sean hates God, and you can’t hate someone you don’t believe exists.   Sean, and his family, struggle with forgiving God for horrible things.   An atheist doesn’t bear this struggle.  We don’t believe in a magical mystical superpower behind the curtain controlling everything.   Science, the order (or disorder) of the universe dictates bad things  happen to some people (good or bad).

Thousands of children have been molested at the hands of priests.   The Kansas City Bell family grapples with how to accept their daughter/sister is one of those victims.  Of course, asking adults to swear off sex increases the likelihood of said adults caving into temptation and molesting children.  Or, one could argue, the practice of giving up sex attracts sexual deviants to the religion as a way to hide from the demon within.

I find it interesting that leaving the Catholic Church for another denomination never surfaces as a possibility to these families.   Yes, other denominations don’t have the mix of saints, demons, angels and popes.   But, there are denominations that accept homosexuals and bisexuals (both families in the book have homosexuals in the family).  There are denominations that allow one to devote one’s life to the church and become some equivalent of a nun or priest AND have sexual partners.   It’s not really a zero sum game unless one sticks with the Catholic Church.

Zenny belongs to a fictional order under Reverend Mother that I kind of love.   Reverend Mother believes in a Goddess and shuns the idea of papal authority.  Without doing any research, I’m fairly certain such an order would not be seen as “Catholic” by Pope Francis.  Just a wild guess.   So, in a way, Zenny does find her own progressive denomination.   That STILL asks nuns to foresake sex.  That’s just one of my personal issues with the Catholic Church (one of many, I might add).

This book is a part of a series.   Priest is the first, and the novella Midnight Mass is book two.


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Book Recommendations XXX Hot

The Perfect Formation by KB Alan

Perfect Formation Book ReviewPerfect Formation Book Review and Recommendation

Taryn, Richard and Caleb sizzle in this book that takes the traditional relationship and flips it off the mountain.   I first downloaded this book on a BookBub deal whim.   MMF can be sexy.  I was expecting a tale of sex with a little plot on the edges.

The relationship has depth.  The characters are realistic.   We meet the characters families for goodness sake.  Like, this isn’t just a drunken night or a sex club kind of fantasy exploration.   Or, as some books do, a sexual relationship only.   Nope, these guys fall in love.

It’s the good kind of MMF, meaning the men are bisexual.   It’s always a little off to me when the men don’t touch each other at all.   The chemistry between Richard and Caleb works even without Taryn in the room.

Perfect Formation is a part of a series, but each book is a true stand alone.   KB Alan rocks the sex scenes.   And reminds us that Love Is Love Is Love stands for all kinds of relationships.


Book Recommendations

Wallflower by Krista Gold

Wallflower Book Recommendation and Review

A gardener.  Named Emilio.   Need we say more?

A long time ago, when I read Harlequin novels, I recall reading about gardeners.  It’s been a while.  Yard crews come to my house.   None of the guys cutting the grass in my yard come close to deserving a name like “Emilio.”  So, let’s just say, I like this premise.

Tessa lost her Mom, a successful erotic romance writer in a freak accident.  Her Mom kept journals.  Detailed journals.  Journals that are the backbone of her mother’s literary success.  Emilio enters the picture and she starts to live life again (ahm, who wouldn’t?!).

When she resumes living, she starts exploring her mother’s journals.  And she starts to realize there might be more to her mother’s death than an accident.  Some pages are missing.

With her first book, Krista Gold weaves an erotic romance with mystery.   First and foremost, it’s a love story.  A love story with hot sex.   And twists and turns.   I’ll be looking for more of Gold’s books in the future.   She’s an indie author with a lot of promise.


Book Recommendations

Marriage for One by Ella Maise

There’s something about the names Jack and Rose.   I thought Titanic nailed those two into eternity, then I read this book.   Wow.  It’s like Jane Austen came back and wrote a contemporary novel.

Just look at that cover.   That’s Jack.  Yep.  Hot. As. Fuck.    Makes me wish I’d found a grumpy, serious frowner.

Ella Maise sucks the reader in with one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a long time.   Confession:  Somewhere around Chapter 2, I took note of my page number and scrolled to the last chapter just to check out the ending.   I consider that kind of draw impressive given the romance category where we’re pretty much guaranteed an HEA unless some witless writer wants to risk hate mail.

Love this book.  Even the innocent kissing scenes make my heart beat faster.  Moving forward, when I think of Jack and Rose, I’m thinking of this love story.  No longer will I wonder why she couldn’t fit him on the door.   Heartwarming romance, great story.


Book Recommendations

Sweet Thing by JA Huss


What age difference deserves society’s frown?15 years?20 years?

I’m gonna go with love is love is love.   Age is a state of mind.   Now, I will always point out that if uber hot Demi couldn’t make it work with Ashton, then I’m a little skeptical the older woman thing works for the long haul.  But….. what a lucky woman with the older man, right?  I mean, when she’s 40 and he’s on the shadowy side of fifty….she’s still a hot young thing.

In Sweet Thing, you can see how it could work.  And, true to JA Huss, it’s super sexy.

The story makes me think back to when I was 18.  I sure as hell wasn’t in as mature of a place as Aria.  I needed time on my own.  There was this chef I worked with, probably around the age of Ryker (the hero in this story).   Unlike most chefs, he rocked washboard abs.  Never occurred to me, not once, to put him in the “potential fuck” bucket.   A fellow waitress my age started dating him.  Total shock.  To me.  Not to her.   But she was so much more together than me.  She ironed her uniform.  Who the fuck irons their polyester waitress uniform?  Perfect hair.  Mine was (and, come to think of it, still is) always in a messy bun.  I hunted rock bands and she’d go home to clean her apartment.   Those two might still be together.  Wouldn’t shock me at all.  She was ready.  We were the same chronological age, but that’s where our similarities ended.  Oh, and we both had to work full-time to get through college.

Anyway, I love this love story.  It’s pretty straightforward and simple, and then again, it’s not.   Eighteen isn’t really a simple age, is it?   It’s not really the kind of story I associate with JA Huss, but it completely fits within this naughty series.   Read it and enjoy.