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The Lineup by Meghan Quinn

The Lineup Book Review

Meghan Quinn delivers a laugh out loud rom-com with The Lineup. Jason, the baseball player perfectly illustrated on the book cover, is one of those characters you’ll remember.

The character role reversal threw me at first, but once I got into it, I became a Jason fan. By “role reversal” I’m referring to the fact that Jason has a whole lot of stereotypical woman in him. He’s emotional, cries easily, loves to talk about his feelings, loves to cook, cares about the presentation of said food.

Then there’s Dottie, his sort of opposite. She’s a no tear, has her own chef, all about work kind of lady. I’ve definitely read many romance novels where she’s the hero to a T. She might be a bit difficult to like, except her long-time besties help to round out those soft edges and we see the heart underneath the shell. 

One thing about Jason. That cover image with the hair and necklace is spot on. And that towel image! So many times in the book we hear about THE towel photo. And, I do love it when the book cover plays out on something in the book, and especially when it nails my image of the hero. But, no matter how many body descriptions of Jason I read, I couldn’t shake my image of having a thicker middle. Maybe it’s just his love of food, maybe it’s the bubble butt, but I kept expecting him to say, “Baby, I love your hands on me, but please don’t grab the love handles.” It’s probably all in my head. In my mind, baseball players’ physiques are one step above golfers’.

As the book progresses, Dottie softens a bit and re-prioritizes. And Jason, well, he’s kind of perfect. Like, amazingly perfect, funny and while he loves the challenge Dottie represents, he falls in love with the woman no other man has taken the time to discover. So, it takes a while to get there, but in the end, Quinn delivers a warm happy HEA. 

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If You Dare by Shantel Tessier

If You DareDark, tangled, mesmerizing romantic suspense. A modern day twist on Bret Easton Ellis’s “Less Than Zero”, “If You Dare” gives new meaning to the phrase ‘the ties that bind’.

The whole tale reminds us that the evils of a big city can also run rampant in a small town, especially when rich high school kids with uninvolved parents are let loose in Rovers and Beemers. “If You Dare”, the third and final book in the Dare series from Shantel Tessier, unmasks the secrets of this dark and sordid romantic suspense.

The Dare Series

“I Dare You,” the first book in the Dare series, introduces the Great White Sharks, a wealthy version of a dangerous powerful gang.  All are swim team members. All are wealthy. All are lethal.  The herd of eight dwindles to five.

The dark romance between Austin and Cole fills the first two books in the Dare series.   Dark mysteries unfold as the high school kids unleash their own brand of revenge on the evils in their town.

In “If You Dare,” the high school kids are now in college, in a new Texas town they don’t own.  And someone from their past has decided to change the rules of the game.

At the core of this book, another dark, twisted romance unfolds. However,suspense leads the herd in this tale of sharks.

Through a bountiful number of flashbacks we remember the sordid details of the past. The lies are so rampant, the flashbacks help.   I suspect the abundance of flashbacks means someone could read “If You Dare” and understand the depth of the story and be completely mesmerized and drawn in without reading the first two books.  However, I wouldn’t recommend it.

In order to fully understand the depravity of Cole and Austin’s relationship, I would strongly recommend reading “I Dare You” first.  “I Promise”, the second book, told from Cole’s POV, offers tantalizing insight into Cole’s tenebrious mind.   If you’re not up for the deep dive, you can skip it.  However, “I Dare You” is a must read prior to reading “If You Dare.”


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