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A Negotiated Marriage by Noelle Adams

A Negotiated Marriage Book ReviewA delightful and fun fake marriage trope with memorable characters from Noelle Adams‘ Convenient Marriage Series.

A Bookbub deal find, I snatched A Negotiated Marriage up one afternoon when I was in the mood for something light and easy. Ended up reading it in one sitting.

Luke is a reserved, successful businessman. To almost anyone, including Molly, he’s confident and outgoing. However, as we get to know him better, there are definite signs that he’s as insecure as the rest of us, at least on matters of personal importance. He reminds me of the kind of guy who maybe wasn’t the most popular in school, but was studious and kind.

Molly agrees to Luke’s proposed fake marriage scam because she’s just been burned by her ex and the agreement will help her business. She’s completely blind to Luke and is much more focused on portraying the wife he can be proud of to hold up her end of the contract.

I love how in several parts of A Negotiated Marriage he wanders into her bathroom to locate her wedding band to put it back on her finger, since she keeps forgetting it after her shower. In the beginning, there’s a scene where her skirt rises, and he’s staring at her thigh. Molly thinks he’s staring in a critical manner, but we the reader…oh, we know better.

The tension and passion between these two slowly ramps up after they both agree to add sex to their terms. Which, by the way, even the way Luke proposes this addition is kind of endearing. These two aren’t rip-your-clothes-off, sex-in-the-car kind of people, and the way they sometimes discuss sex hardly feels like the start of a heated romance. But, nevertheless, it’s a heart-warming love story that does pack some heat.

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The Obsession by Nikki Sloane

The Obsession Book ReviewThe Obsession Book Review

This gut-wrenching, page-turning sequel to the demented Filthy Rich Americans series by Nikki Sloane gripped me and had me twisting in anguish.

Rarely has an antagonist filled me with disgust and hate to the degree Macalister does.  Minotaur? Zeus?  Monster?  I go with monster.  Sick, twisted, depraved monster.

Marist plays the chess game on par with a naive, young guileless chess player joining the rank of seasoned experts.  Bountiful mistakes and missteps befall her, but through her struggles, she holds onto herself to some degree.  She recognizes the importance of not completely losing her soul.   Maybe she’s the young Medusa who hasn’t yet come into all of her powers?

The father son dynamic between Royce and Macalister roils the stomach.  The psychotic, unhealthy relationship borders disgusting.   But, I kept turning the pages because I had to see what happened.   Like a twisted reality TV show, I knew it was all kinds of wrong, but I couldn’t just turn it off.

About halfway through the book, I found myself thinking, “This is not a romance!”.  I mean, really, just what the fuck?   I read romance for joy and happiness, maybe to watch a character grow, but this??   Then I finally saw a more human side to Royce and I thought to myself, maybe.  Maybe there is a romance story here.  Maybe this is the ultimate fight against the all powerful ruthless heartless Gods.

And I guess we won’t know the answer to that – because The Obsession ends with a massive fucking cliffhanger.   I’d be lying if I said I’m okay with that.  I find massive cliffhangers to be painful – like physically PAINFUL.   If I realize in advance that it’s a trilogy with a series of cliffhangers, I wait until all three are released so I can, well, read all three.   That whole not knowing thing really doesn’t work for me.   THAT said (whine), I’ll be ordering the pre-order for The Deception because the DAY it comes out I’ll be reading it.

Nikki Sloane delivers in this series.  Yes, it’s twisted and demented.  But Sloane is a master storyteller and I can’t wait to see how this story ends.

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Book Recommendations

To Have and Hate by Donna Alam

To Have and Hate by Donna Alam

Book Review

Sexy, page-turning fake marriage romance done London style.   The chemistry between Beckett and Olivia sizzles right from the start.   I found myself wanting to beg them to just get on with the fornication already.

Olivia’s clumsy tendencies and some of her attitude remind me a tad of another British chick I adore, Bridget Jones.   Olivia, however, is way more buttoned up.  For one, she’s an entrepreneur and has launched a dating service (think eHarmony) called eVolve that leverages social networks to find the right match.   She’s a nonsmoker, bad vegetarian, and while she does wear leggings to lay on the sofa, she’s not weighing herself daily.   So, not a perfect match for Bridge.

Beckett’s a gazillionaire financier with a knack for making savvy investments and purchases.  An alpha with smoking abs, he goes after what he wants.

The fake marriage comes about as part of a win-win scenario.  He wants to be married to ensure he can buy a controlling share of a specific company and he needs to prove he’s reliable, and she needs funding to keep her start-up afloat.   The whole scenario unrolls in a believable fashion, but it’s after the temporarily binding marriage that the sparks fly and the slippery, heated ride commences.

Anglophile romance lovers will love this book.   Donna Alam‘s writing style is like a lesson on British speak.   Anyone who loves fake marriage tropes is gonna get a kick on this spin and be dreaming of Beckett.

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Book Recommendations Series

Stay by Tia Louise

Stay by Tia Louise Book Review and Recommendation

Stay Book ReviewSecond-chance, first crush, single Mom romance.   This one has all the feels with a heart-gripping battle with a child’s illness.   Not only did this one keep me turning the pages, but it kept me on edge. I grew to care about these characters.  It’s a sexy love story with a heavy dose of real mixed in.

Emmy loses her virginity to Stephen the night before he heads off to join the Navy.  He’s her brother’s classmate and she’s had a crush for years.  He has no idea she’s a virgin.  Before or after.

Ten years later, their paths cross again.  She’s a divorced single mom working at a dry cleaners.   He’s a billionaire after selling technology he developed.   Chemistry zings, but she’s still pissed he wished her a good life after banging her in a bathroom ten years ago.   This time around, he does ask her out on a date.

Her son needs an expensive surgery.  Stephen comes up with the idea of a fake marriage to get her son on his health insurance and get them both into safer housing.   The chemistry between these two zings. Hot.  Tia Louise keeps the reader engaged with this story that tugs at the heart and makes you fall in love with this newly formed family.

Make Me Yours Book Review and Recommendation

Make Me Yours Book ReviewMake Me Yours isn’t marketed as part of a series (that I’ve seen) but Stephen Hastings from Stay plays a role as Remington’s friend and business partner.   Make Me Yours is a heart warming single Dad romance.   It’s lighter than Stay, much more in the romantic comedy range with no scary crisis.

Remington’s first wife passes away when his daughter Lillie is a newborn.   He’s been through grief therapy.  Four years have passed since he lost his wife.  When he meets Ruby, he wakes up and starts to live again.   Instant attraction to her in a heart swooning kind of way.

The obstacles they face include a mother-in-law (his first wife’s Mom who now lives with him), her Mom, and a bully bitch from high school.   Ruby and Remi handle them all maturely and with humor.  Who doesn’t love to hate a mother-in-law who’s all over healthy eating and dressing properly?   Take that bitch.  Remington stands up to her each and every time.  Swoon.

There’s another book, Make You Mine, that features Drew (Ruby’s BFF) and Grayson.    Proper reading order would dictate it’s read before this one.   Whoops.  My bad.  But these are all true stand alone.  Make You Mine is definitely on my to-read list.

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Book Recommendations Series

Forge Trilogy by Meghan March

Page turning, can’t put it down kind of trilogy!  I read all three books in one day.

As a professional poker player, India knows how to play her opponents.  She’s a strong, memorable woman you’ll root for right from the start.   Jericho’s your typical hot, built, brilliant billionaire Jason Mamoa look-alike gunning for revenge.

Almost non-stop action for all three books.  International, risky, high stake poker games, combined with Russians, loads of security guards, and lots of plot twists to keep the pages turning.

Deal with the Devil introduces the two and you get to watch them fall for each other.   Ends with a cliffhanger that will have you immediately buying Luck of the Devil.  It’s worth noting that the magic doesn’t happen until late in this book.   But that’s okay because the next two books pack some heat and while it’s a trilogy, it’s really kind of like one book.

Luck kicks off with good Jericho history, then picks up from the cliff.  At one point, Creighton, a billionaire from a prior series, schools Jericho on relationships.  He figures it out. Then, boom: massive cliff.  Heart of the Devil starts with more background.  You get the picture.  If you want the story, you read all three books.  These are not standalones.  There is a free chapter at the end of Book 3, Heart of the Devil, if you sign up for Meghan March’s newsletter.  This is the first I’ve read from Meghan March, but I happily signed up to learn about her new releases.

If you like romantic suspense, you’ll love this trilogy.


Book Recommendations

Marriage for One by Ella Maise

There’s something about the names Jack and Rose.   I thought Titanic nailed those two into eternity, then I read this book.   Wow.  It’s like Jane Austen came back and wrote a contemporary novel.

Just look at that cover.   That’s Jack.  Yep.  Hot. As. Fuck.    Makes me wish I’d found a grumpy, serious frowner.

Ella Maise sucks the reader in with one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a long time.   Confession:  Somewhere around Chapter 2, I took note of my page number and scrolled to the last chapter just to check out the ending.   I consider that kind of draw impressive given the romance category where we’re pretty much guaranteed an HEA unless some witless writer wants to risk hate mail.

Love this book.  Even the innocent kissing scenes make my heart beat faster.  Moving forward, when I think of Jack and Rose, I’m thinking of this love story.  No longer will I wonder why she couldn’t fit him on the door.   Heartwarming romance, great story.