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Wrong by Jana Aston

Wrong series Book ReviewWrong Series Book Review and Recommendation

Jana Aston hit it out of the ballpark with this one, her first book by the way.  Who does that?  Her first book!   I love this whole series, but Wrong.  I’ve read it several times – and that’s just got to be Wrong.

Luke and Sophie have a 16 year age difference.   He’s a gynecologist.  He’s gorgeous.  When they meet, she’s an undergrad serving him coffee.  At the Grind Me coffee shop no less.   The chemistry ricochets.  Then, when she goes to the student health clinic, he’s her gyno.

It may sound cliche or silly or whatever.  But I can promise you if you read this, you’ll LOVE it.  It’s funny.  It’s sexy.  Like really sexy sex scenes.  And the characters are well-developed.   When I read Plan B and Luke makes an appearance, I squealed.  And I read Wrong months ago.   I even love her epilogue – because it’s just so true to the character and the book and it makes me happy.

Right Book ReviewRight, the second book in the Wrong series, shares the story of Sophie’s barista friend Everly.  Everly, by the way, keeps you laughing in Wrong.  She’s borderline hysterical.  Not like as in insane, but as in laugh out loud funny.

Everly has crushed on Finn, her older brother’s friend, since she was six years old.   She’s been bound and determined he’s her one.  So determined than when he becomes a professor at Penn, that’s the only college she applies to.   She hounds him so diligently it’s pretty clear the only reason he doesn’t call the cops is she’s a family friend.

Then she meets Finn’s older brother, Sawyer.   And, for the record, I find Sawyer to be so much more than Finn.   I can’t say more without giving away some plot twists in this book, but holy smokes.   Sawyer’s hot.  I’d choose Luke over Sawyer as my book boyfriend, but only because of Luke’s fingers.

This book is another one that’s worthy of reading twice.  Funny and yummy and makes you happy.

Fling Book ReviewFling, a short novella, shares the story of Gabe, Sawyer’s business partner, and Sandra.   Sandra is Sawyer’s assistant who befriends Everly.   Sandra is much more like Sophie, but the three ladies become close friends.

Fling includes many nods to Sixteen Candles, with men leaning on car doors ala Jake Ryan.  So right there, it’s got a lot going for it.

It’s a funny, quick and satisfying read.   The only downside is it’s so short.  You’ll wish you had more to read of their story.




Trust Book ReviewTrust, the last book in the Wrong series, features Boyd, Sophie’s long lost brother from the first book, Wrong.   Chloe is Everly’s roommate.

In earlier books, there are references to Chloe’s thing for law enforcement and crime shows.  And, Boyd’s an FBI agent.  So, Everly’s not the only one to have a feeling Boyd and Chloe should meet.

The thing is, Chloe has serious anxiety issues.  The kind that at times pull your heart strings.  Here’s where you fall in love with Boyd.  He sees her for the amazing woman she is, overlooking horrid jokes that would make most normal folks stop the conversation and go the opposite direction.    Boyd plays along, developing a relationship with Chloe without her even realizing what he’s doing.

Boyd sees the beauty within Chloe.  In a way he rescues her and it’s swoon worthy.  You still get all the Jana Aston laughs, but there’s a more serious topic at hand too.


The Upshot



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The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter by Jake Karter

The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter Book Review and Recommendation

Filled to the brim with sexy romps, The Amorous Adventures of Jake Karter is reminiscent of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Except Walter’s having fantasies, and Jake’s living fantasies of the naughty persuasion.   There are times when the book reads like a romp through porno land with cute meets and then hello!

Told in 3rd person, one could question why it’s not in first.  The book is all about Jake’s adventures.  And, first would have let us see the world through Jake’s eyes.  And oh my, that would have been a joy. Alas, there are many scenes that occur without Jake in them.  Even sex scenes.  And it’s all an important part of the story.  Hence, an all-knowing narrator leads us through the Australian tale.

There’s more to the book than just sex.  Although sex is a lot of it!  There’s an evil woman afoot and the plot to uproot her twists and turns.  Without giving too much away, I especially like the use of email.   If one can hijack someone’s email account, so much can be done.

A friend of mine once lamented that Fifty Shades has too much sex.  She said, “It’s just like, what, sex?  Again?”.   So, if you agree with my friend’s assessment, this isn’t the book for you.   However, if you dig the erotic, maybe even want a book to mark a favorite scene for enhancing your masturbation pleasure, then this book is for you.   Jake’s experienced, to say the least, and his adventures include good ole menage with MMF and MFF.   There’s no real bisexual action, but it’s fun!

A little groovy factoid:  Jake Karter has an Instagram account.  I recommend you follow him.  He posts passages from his book, but also photos of himself.  Photos so naughty the Instagram police remove some from time to time.   Follow him @jakekarterendures



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Entice by Stacey Lynn

Entice Book Review and Recommendation

Entice and Embrace, the first two books in the Tangled Love series and the two books that make up the Tangled Love Duet by Stacey Lynn, tackle romance from a different angle.

Laurie had the story book romance.  She and James fell in love in high school.  They were each other’s firsts.  Dated through college.  Married after college.  Had the marriage of dreams.  And then, they kind of grew apart.

This is the story of a marriage.  A story of one person cheating.   And then what happens when someone comes along and makes the jilted spouse feel gorgeous and wanted.

The story covers two books.   You’ll want to read both books.  It’s a true duet.


In the second book, Embrace,  Laurie learns more about herself.  She comes into her own.   She grows. And she decides which man she really loves.  Which man she wants to work for a relationship with.   Because, as Stacey Lynn shows, the sex may be off the charts hot, but the relationship still takes work.   Pain.  Strength.  Honesty.

There were times when reading these books I kind of wanted to bitch slap Laurie.  If she’d been my friend, I totally would have.

But, in the end, she gets it together.   I can’t say more without giving the ending away, but I will say that it’s a unique romance.   It’s kind of a deep dive into relationships.  The good and the bad.  To some degree, the reality.   And Laurie’s story won’t be the same for everyone.  Because, hey, no two relationships are the same.   But, there’s some good stuff in here.   Stacey Lynn takes the erotic romance novel to places many writers won’t go.  It’s worth the trip.



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Wallflower by Krista Gold

Wallflower Book Recommendation and Review

A gardener.  Named Emilio.   Need we say more?

A long time ago, when I read Harlequin novels, I recall reading about gardeners.  It’s been a while.  Yard crews come to my house.   None of the guys cutting the grass in my yard come close to deserving a name like “Emilio.”  So, let’s just say, I like this premise.

Tessa lost her Mom, a successful erotic romance writer in a freak accident.  Her Mom kept journals.  Detailed journals.  Journals that are the backbone of her mother’s literary success.  Emilio enters the picture and she starts to live life again (ahm, who wouldn’t?!).

When she resumes living, she starts exploring her mother’s journals.  And she starts to realize there might be more to her mother’s death than an accident.  Some pages are missing.

With her first book, Krista Gold weaves an erotic romance with mystery.   First and foremost, it’s a love story.  A love story with hot sex.   And twists and turns.   I’ll be looking for more of Gold’s books in the future.   She’s an indie author with a lot of promise.


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Plan B by Jana Aston

Plan B by Jana Aston Book Review & Recommendation

Fun, light-hearted rom com like only Jana Aston can deliver.  You’ll be laughing your way through this one, thoroughly entertained, and just like a scoop of ice cream, you’ll be all done way too fast and craving another scoop.

Heads up – this one does start off with one looong soliloquy from Daisy.   First 10% of the book folks.  I checked the Kindle counter.  So, if you find yourself wishing Daisy would wrap it up, just flip through.  The story really starts at Chapter 4.

Daisy, a character doppelganger for Everly from the Wrong series, finds herself in a bit of a predicament after a one night stand.   A one night stand to a gorgeous billionaire who it turns out is a little hard to reach.   When she does reach him, Kyle makes plans of his own.

Oh, and Kyle is Luke’s cousin.   Luke, America’s one (and most likely only) HOT gynecologist.  If you didn’t read Wrong, you must.  You really, really must.  Not because that at all matters when reading Plan B, but because it’s SO GOOD.   In Plan B, you get to see him a little bit.   We don’t get to see Sophie, but we hear she’s doing well after her third bambino.  It’s a shame Sophie and Daisy don’t meet since Daisy is her BFF’s character doppelganger, but I like to imagine Sophie warmed to Daisy immediately and took her new neighbor relative under her wing.

Plan B follows Sure Thing in the Best Laid Plans series.   Sure Thing tells the tale of Violet pulling a twin swap so Daisy can go find her baby daddy and not get fired from her job as a tour guide.   Violet is the good twin, Daisy is the handful.   Both stories are rom com at its finest, and it doesn’t really matter which one you read first.

Little Factoid:  Aston mentions Cornelius, NC.  Only relevant because yours truly currently resides there.   Always fun to see the name of your nothing suburban town in print.   See if you can find it!



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A Stone In the Sea Review

Unforgettable, rock star steamy suspense.  A Stone in the Sea by AL Jackson kicks off the Bleeding Stars Series about a rock band named Sunder.   A Stone in the Sea and Drowning to Breathe, the first two books in the series, released in 2015.  At this point, it’s an oldie, but Sebastian and Shea stayed with me and I just love the whole damn series.

Large parts of the series takes place in Tybee Island, Georgia and some in Los Angeles, California.  The roots of the story belong to Nashville, Tennessee.

Single Mom Shea rocks smoldering chemistry with Sebastian “Baz”.   They fall in love slowly and as they do, the story evolves into a bit of a page turning mystery and suspense.   It’s a dual POV duet, which I personally love.

A Stone in the Sea ends with a big cliffhanger, so plan to continue reading Drowning to Breathe.   The second book continues their story.   More surprises, more page turning suspense and the characters both evolve and grow.   You get to watch these two battle past demons, fall into each other, and transition into more mature, adult versions of themselves post rock star fame.

The remaining four books then cover the stories of each of the bandmates.  So, like any good series, you still get to run into Sebastian and Shea.   By the end of the series, all sorts of secrets and trials from the past are revealed and worked through.  Any of these later four books could be read as standalones, but the stories do build on each other, so I’d recommend reading in order.

Bleeding Stars Series Order

A Stone in the Sea Book ReviewA Stone in the Sea Book ReviewWhere Lightning Strikes Bleeding Stars SeriesWait Bleeding Stars SeriesStay Bleeding Stars SeriesStand Bleeding Stars Series

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Book Recommendations

The Newlyfeds by Logan Chance

The NewlyFEDS Book ReviewI’ve never read a Logan Chance book before. On the day this came across my email I was hungover and just wanted a fun read.   The NewlyFEDS totally delivered.   Romantic comedy wrapped in sexy.

The NewlyFEDS at first glance made me think it should be a movie starring Sandra Bullock.  Or maybe it’s a trope similar to a movie that did star Sandra Bullock.   Whatever.  Even if it’s been done before, this version rocks fun and sexy.

It’s not romantic suspense.  You don’t have to read about blood and gore.  It’s romantic comedy.  It’ll keep you smiling and turning the pages.   Vin and Addison have great chemistry.   And, Vin’s really kind of an ideal book boyfriend.

It’s a quick read.  Great to take your mind off of what you did last night.   Definitely recommend.



Book Recommendations

Atheists Who Kneel & Pray by Tarryn Fisher

Opens with an email.  Then you meet Yara.   She responds with an email – one word shorter than his.   And from that moment on, Tarryn Fisher pulls you into a romance that’s gonna stay with you for years.

I read this book over a year ago.  Still one of my favorites.  Neon pink graffiti now makes my heart flutter.

“It’s always the eccentric ones who have the most wisdom.”   That’s a quote from David, a singer, romantic and just fucking amazing guy.   Tara, his love, well, she has a world of hurt and issues.

Their story isn’t perfect.  It’s not a fall in love with insta rainbows.  It’s gritty.  Hits you.  Ups and downs.  Over years they get there.  And when they get there, let me just say, it’s so fucking romantic. Love.  Just love.




Book Recommendations Series

Book Boyfriend Series by Claire Kingsley

What a great premise for a romance book!  The book boyfriend.  Because don’t all romance readers have ideal book boyfriends?

In this one, he’s a romance writer with a pen name.  She’s a blogger, with a pen name.  Their alter egos are friends.   Then they meet in a bookstore.   Of course, they use their real names when they meet.  And start dating.

Love the premise.  Mia, the heroine, is the clutzy, loveable type.  Alex, as a romance writer, clearly has some things going for him.  Not to mention all the prerequisites to be hero – six pack, lean, gorgeous.

It’s a fun romantic comedy.   Best thing about this series is you get to know Alex’s family better in the next two books… and you still get to spend time with Alex and Mia.


Something about this one – either the name or the cover – didn’t draw me.  I read this one last.  Definitely a case of first impression leading me astray.

Weston’s a boob enhancing plastic surgeon.  Comes across like such a dick.   But he has his reasons.  And getting to know Weston and watching him fall in love is A LOT of fun.

Alex’s sister Kendra deserves a halo.  She’s there for everyone.  I imagine if she were a real person, that she’s such a good person, she probably wouldn’t be my friend.  Regardless, she’s perfect for Weston.   The kind of good friend he’s probably needed his whole life.

It’s another fun romantic comedy.   And, if you read the books in order, you still get to hang with Weston and Kendra in the next book!  Cool little factoid, at end of book 3, there’s a bonus chapter all about Weston and Kendra.   Fun, fun, fun.


Maybe I was just jonesing for a hot single dad story, but I skipped book 2 to read hot single dad next.  You meet Caleb (ever so briefly) in book boyfriend, but I knew at first sight he’d make a good book.

He’s a resident with a cutie pie little girl.  His wife died when his daughter was maybe 2 years old.  His wife’s parents (who btw are kind of despicable) send their other daughter to nanny for him.  She’s 23 and this departure is aimed at controlling her life – and making it known they don’t approve of his parenting skills/nanny hiring skills.   Want to punch ’em, right?

Well, Linnea grows up and evolves in this book.   And, when she comes down the escalator (he hadn’t seen her in like 6 or 8 years), it’s love at first sight.

Now, the sister thing – that’s tricky.  But, trust, Claire Kingsley handles it well and you will be rooting for them.




Book Recommendations Series

Forge Trilogy by Meghan March

Page turning, can’t put it down kind of trilogy!  I read all three books in one day.

As a professional poker player, India knows how to play her opponents.  She’s a strong, memorable woman you’ll root for right from the start.   Jericho’s your typical hot, built, brilliant billionaire Jason Mamoa look-alike gunning for revenge.

Almost non-stop action for all three books.  International, risky, high stake poker games, combined with Russians, loads of security guards, and lots of plot twists to keep the pages turning.

Deal with the Devil introduces the two and you get to watch them fall for each other.   Ends with a cliffhanger that will have you immediately buying Luck of the Devil.  It’s worth noting that the magic doesn’t happen until late in this book.   But that’s okay because the next two books pack some heat and while it’s a trilogy, it’s really kind of like one book.

Luck kicks off with good Jericho history, then picks up from the cliff.  At one point, Creighton, a billionaire from a prior series, schools Jericho on relationships.  He figures it out. Then, boom: massive cliff.  Heart of the Devil starts with more background.  You get the picture.  If you want the story, you read all three books.  These are not standalones.  There is a free chapter at the end of Book 3, Heart of the Devil, if you sign up for Meghan March’s newsletter.  This is the first I’ve read from Meghan March, but I happily signed up to learn about her new releases.

If you like romantic suspense, you’ll love this trilogy.